Employment & Work Programmes

Internship and Apprenticeship Schemes -

What we offer:

We work with government and private agencies to assist candidates in finding sustainable employment. We have a network of partner organizations that help in providing apprenticeships and internships.

We have found that having companies take on the candidates initially on a trial basis is very beneficial in multiple ways. It allows the employers to size up the prospective employees, and to get a feel for how well they would fit within their organizations.

For the candidates, it allows them to assess the suitability of the jobs relative to their skills, and to gain valuable work experience and/or up-skill. It also allows individuals to attain fairly credible work profiles and resumes.

"Individualised Action Plans" (IAPs) are developed, before and during placement on the apprenticeship or internship schemes, taking necessary elements from the programme areas, as they are required, to meet the needs of each client, for effective candidate progression. These pre-apprenticeship IAPs are agreed with the participant at the outset of the work.